How to Write a Good Review

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

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How to Write a Good Review

In order to deliver the best experience possible to my clients and colleagues I work with multiple business partners and industry experts. As such, I have had the fortunate benefit of having multiple opportunities to leave positive feedback. However knowing how to write a good review is difficult. It’s easy to struggle with what to say, how to sound professional, and how to make it useful.

Being a perfectionist by nature, this is something that I’ve struggled with myself extensively. In order to avoid spending entire days writing a review (and more realistically avoiding it altogether) I put together a few quick ways to write great testimonials. Here are a few ways for you to quickly and easily write an effective, professional, and greatly appreciated testimonial.

Good Reviews are Short & to the Point

As a general rule, keep your testimonial as short as possible while sharing the important details of what made your experience so exceptional. Long and rambling reviews are unlikely to be read by visitors so they unfortunately won’t have a chance to be very useful. A good testimonial is usually between 30-50 words.

However sometimes that not possible or appropriate when you have a detailed experience to share. In those cases try to put the most important details in the first couple of sentences, and you can even bold the most important information. This can give “skimmers” the ability to get the general idea of your review and those that want to know more the opportunity to hear the whole story.

Good Testimonials Demonstrate a Benefit

The best reviews explain how the service (or product) provided improved the life or business of the user. It can show potential clients the impact the service or product can have and why they should consider working with the company.

This can easily be done by considering why you reached out to the company in the first place (your need) and how you benefited from it. Consider stating what you were looking for, then how they delivered and how that was a positive impact for you or your company. For example:

”We needed help strengthening our security and becoming SOC2 compliant. Input Output made this simple by managing the whole process, and by using their platforms we saved over $45k than if we’d done it ourselves. Additionally, by getting our SOC2 so quickly with Input Output, we were able to secure a new multi-year contract with our biggest client yet!

Great Reviews Help Overcome Objections

One of reasons (if not the primary one) that people read reviews is because they have objections or reservations about working with the particular company. A profound way to help a company with your review is by helping potential buyers overcome their objections. To do this, simply share what your objection was prior to working with the company, and then provide what about your experience put your concerns at ease. For instance:

Input Output’s virtual CISO service price seemed hefty. That was until we started working with them and realized how much we would have spent by not working with them. First they delivered exactly as promised by managing our ISO 27001 compliance program and not only helped us understand what we needed by why. There is no doubt we would have spent at least double trying to do this on our own. What was incredible and completely unexpected however was that their team was able to consolidate our staff’s efforts and avoid weeks of repeated and unnecessary work. This not only saved us thousands of dollars, but allowed us to repurpose our staff to more revenue-generating pursuits. By keeping our staff working and reinvesting savings, we’ve easily made 2.5x what we’ve spent with Input Output just this year!

Questions to Build Positive Reviews

The above general guidelines provide a great foundation for structuring your perfect testimonial, however getting started can sometimes be the most difficult part. Here are some great questions and considerations to use to help identify what to say in your review.

  • What prompted you to reach out to the company in the first place?

  • How did their product/service benefit you or your business?

  • What were your expectations?

  • What was your experience?

  • How did your experience differ from other companies you’d tried previously?

  • What would compel you to recommend them?

  • Why would you use them in the future or why do you continue to work with them?

  • How has your business been improved?

  • How have you been able to help your clients better as a result of their product/service?

  • What was the ROI (Return on Investment)?

  • How much more money have you been able to make or save by using their product/service?

  • How much more competitive are you now after using their product/service?

Testimonial Template

Once you’ve answered some of the questions above you can use one of the following testimonial template examples to quickly build your positive review:

I reached out to <organization> because ... They provided ... This exceeded my expectations because ...
<Organization> helped me with ... This allowed my business to ... I would recommend <organization> because ...
I was hesitant to try <organization> because ... I’m glad I did because ...
I started working with <organization> to ... This helped us to <provide benefit of working with organization> Ultimately this allowed us to <list new revenue generated or money saved>
We started using <organization> for ... They delivered as promised, but in addition <list an unexpected benefit> This helped us ...

Share Your Testimonials

If you’ve taken the time to write a positive review, be sure to share it with those you were speaking about as they may not be aware of it if you post it online. Also, sending these reviews to a supervisor (or corporate) is always a great way to say thank you for a job well done, and can help make an already great business relationship better. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, receiving such a positive thank you can be very uplifting and sometimes be the best part of an otherwise bleak day for someone.

Positive Reviews Help Businesses Grow

Studies show that 84% of people that read reviews, trust them as much as they would a recommendation from a personal connection. In addition to that, 68% of viewers form an opinion after reading between 1 and 6 reviews. More than just saying thanks, a positive review helps the businesses you appreciate win even more business.

So take a moment to reflect on some great experiences you’ve had and write a few reviews. While it can be intimidating, by using these examples and working through your first handful of reviews, you’ll be a pro in no time.

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